Turnbull declares war on Aussie youth

Malcolm Turnbull has launched a full scale war against Australia’s youth.

Whilst Turnbull refuses to address negative gearing and the capital gains tax (CGT) discount, which together cost the Budget many billions in foregone revenue, the Coalition is now planning to slash funding to universities by 20%, thus leading to significantly increased fees for Australian students.

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The Powers that be, desperately trying to stop Trump

Trump has started a movement – a revolution. The revolution will take back America and give power back to it’s people, from the lobbyist elites. This is not an easy revolution, and it will not stop with Trump winning the presidential race. That is only the second victory (the first being taking the republican nomination).

However good will prevail over evil.

Hungary refuses to succumb to EUrabian genocide

President of Hungary, János Áder, just made an epic speech about the immigrant hordes flooding EUrabia.

“Some Western political elites are cosmopolitan, but the people are patriots – they don’t understand their own people”
“Europe is Hellas, not Persia; Rome, not Carthage; Christianity, not Caliphate”
“We don’t have a stone instead of a heart… but we don’t have a stone instead of a brain either”.
“There’s a grotesque coalition between human smugglers, social justice activists and certain European politicians.”
“We will not abandon our fellow Europeans, we are the citizens of the Christian Europe of Charlemagne, Leonardo, Beethoven”
Everything Europe achieved and could achieve is in danger, it’s threatened by mass migration.
2015 is a historic year, we realize that Europe’s safety can’t be taken for granted anymore
In Western Europe boundaries blurred between good&bad, women & men, reality & dreams
If we don’t act now, the tension between Europe and the Muslim world will be out of control, here on our territory.
Unless freedom is based on reality, it’s just political delirium
History kicked the door on us, it’s besieging Europe’s walls
It’s not migrants we should be angry at, they do what’s in their interest – but we Europeans don’t do what is in our interest.
Europe has the capacity to protect itself – but Brussels can’t organise it and doesn’t even want to
Spring is coming,we must help the countries of the Balkans, they are protecting Europe’s borders
We don’t believe that Europe will give up its legacy, but we know that Hungary won’t make a single step on that road to lose ourselves.
Ladies and gentlemen, we must stop Brussels with everything we have.
If necessary, Hungary will defend its border from Slovenia to Ukraine.
“Contemporary liberalism is totalitarian because it wants to control how people talk, behave & think in private life”

UK – a liberal communist police state

Could the UK be any more fucked up? A school called the police on a student, who was browsing the website of UK’s 3rd largest political party, doing research for his classwork. Let me repeat because you’re probably confused – the police were called merely because the student was looking at the website of the 3rd most popular political party in the UK.

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This kind of harassment and political oppression can only be described as a communist police state.