The lack of logic in Sydney’s property prices

Sydney is the most expensive city in the world when it comes to land, apart from HK and Vancouver. It is often compared with other major cities which have very expensive land – but how does it actually stack up in terms of density?

As you can see, there is literally zero justification for the sorts of land prices we are seeing in Sydney. There is far from any shortage of land to develop. There are NO fundamentals at play here, there is NOTHING different, just a great big bubble.

I will re-iterate that by my own calculations, which state that if Sydney had HK’s density, it’s entire population could fit into an area less than one half the size of the Eastern Suburbs.

No economic rationale for Australian housing

“One of the central bankers present asked: ‘What’s going on in Australia?’ to which the research economist replied: ‘We’ve given up thinking about Australia. There is no economic rationale for it’,” he said in a Deloitte roundtable on the Australian mortgage industry.

As one MB poster puts it…

The worlds most overvalued banks
The worlds most overvalued houses
The worlds most overvalued currency
The worlds most over rated (AAA) government
(one of) The worlds largest private debt issue (s)
The worlds largest financial system exposure to mortgages
The worlds largest per capita migration intake
The worlds most profoundly uncompetitive exposed sector
The worlds most concentrated media
The worlds most spectacularly financially non viable and indebted media
The words most deliberately specious politicians when it comes to doing anything about the above

The worlds most utterly rooted economic narrative

Pass the popcorn, it will be a fun few years!

Why isn’t Joe Hockey behind bars?

So we have the second most overpriced property in the world, and apparently the solution is to force younger generations to speculate on property using their retirement savings.

Nothing short of outright parasitic behaviour by a generation of self-entitled baby boomers, every economist and economic commentator has denounced the proposal. But now, PWC have some some analysis to conclude this will also blow a massive $31Bn hole in the federal budget by the year 2050.

From the AFR…

The loss to government – which taxes earnings on super balances at 15 per cent – would be $1.1 billion in 2016-17, and fluctuate between $611 million and $993 million over the next nine years. By 2049-50, the figure would hit $2.1 billion, taking the accumulated hit to government to $31 billion, according to the estimate.

Such blatant outright corruption, at the highest level of politics in Australia.

Aussie government does something right for a change

Imposing fees on foreign property purchases, which will be used to fund more strict monitoring of said purchases, and civil penalties for breaking the now completely unenforced and massively abused laws.

The Property Country of Australia hates the new laws, which is a big stamp of approval. Cautiously optimistic, let’s see where this takes us in 2015 and whether this halts the Sydney bubble.